Enjoy Your Pool Deck Year Around With Concrete Floor Coating

Is your pool deck getting a little bit dull? Is there a crack in the concrete surface? Is its weathered appearance causing an issue? If your pool is getting old and you want to restore its original look, there’s never been a better time. Upgrading your pool deck is a wise and exquisite decision. But how can you upgrade a basic backyard and pool setup? Simple. You must consider your requirements and match them with the appropriate concrete pool deck coatings.

Whether you’re thinking about decking your pool or renovating an existing one, a quality coating material can keep it looking fantastic for many years to come. In this instance, DCD Garage Floors of AZ will assist you with a pool deck coating to restore the surface to its former beauty. Let’s look at some of the advantages and signs that it’s time to hire a concrete deck coating professional.

How To Tell If Your Pool Deck Needs A Revamp?

You can easily get in touch with pool experts if you understand how to distinguish some major and minor pool deck damage. Be able to tell exactly what repairs or improvements are required during that time so that the end result meets your expectations.

1. Stubborn Stains on the Surface

The sealants will fade with time. Even while a pool deck coating can last for five years on average, it is best to apply a new layer of the coating if you notice persistent stains.

2. Losing its Color

Color fading on the surface of your pool decking indicates that it needs to be resealed. When stains and dyes are overexposed to the sun’s heat, they fade. Wearing down around the pool also indicates that the floor coating is dissolving away from the ground.

3. Slippery Surface

A concrete coating provides water resistance to the deck’s surface. After a long period, the floor will start to absorb or collect water on its top layer. Whenever you see this indication, you should apply a new layer of concrete coating to the pool deck.

4. Uneven Pool Decks

Have you ever stepped on a floor where the concrete appears to move while strolling by the pool? An uneven deck beneath your steps indicates the presence of a major crack and crumbling surface. This is your opportunity to contact a local floor contractor and get some concrete pool deck resurfacing going.

Basement Epoxy Floor

A pool deck coating is a protective element that is applied to a concrete floor in order to make it safer and more long-lasting. Pool deck coatings must be strong enough to withstand hot summer days and UV rays, as well as freeze-thaw winter conditions. Here are some advantages of having your pool deck coated with epoxy:

The application of epoxy pool deck coatings to the concrete surrounding your pool forms a long-lasting barrier that stops water from seeping through, offering multi-layer security to the concrete beneath and extending its lifetime.
When concrete becomes wet, it could become pretty dangerous and dangerous, especially with excited children who soon forget your directions to “walk, don’t run.” Including a slip-resistant coating in your epoxy finish will protect your relatives and friends from slipping-related injury issues.
Professionally applied epoxy coatings look just as good outside as they do inside. To achieve a subtle or artistic look, you can choose from a wide range of finishes and colours. Epoxy is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces since it is robust, resilient, and simple to maintain and clean.

Remodel Your Pool Decks Like A Pro!

Investing in epoxy pool deck coating is the best all-year gift! DCD Garage Floors of AZ offers a variety of innovative ways to help you get the most from your pool decks, regardless of size or shape.

Call DCD Garage Floor of AZ when you’re ready to remodel your pool decks. Our team has extensive expertise and knowledge to transform your outdated pool deck into a trendy, new, and gorgeous environment! Call 515-835-2352 if you live in Arizona or the surrounding areas.

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