5 Common Indicators You Might Need New Concrete Floors

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Concrete is prone to wear and tear over time. Although these are long-lasting and durable materials, they still require adequate maintenance and repair to perform properly. Whether it’s your patio, pool deck, sidewalk, or driveway, they all require ongoing maintenance and restoration.
Whatever concrete floor coatings you choose, you will eventually need to add a fresh coat. But how can you know when it’s the right time? DCD Garage Floors of AZ can assist you.
Here are five indicators you need a new concrete coating.

Visible Cracks

One of the most common indications that your concrete needs to be resurfaced is the presence of obvious or emerging structural cracks on its surface. Cracks can form for a variety of causes. It can form due to surface shrinkage caused by weather conditions or from chemicals such as oil or de-icing agents that gradually erode the surface. It can also appear if the concrete’s base is weakened due to underground soil movement. It should be properly evaluated regardless of how superficial or small it is. A complete inspection should be sought from a skilled contractor.

Aged and Weathered Appearance

Over time, concrete pavements will darken and fade. You may also see noticeable stains and blemishes on the surface, which make it less attractive. We cannot prevent discolouration and surface spots on concrete from occurring. This is usually caused by overexposure to heat or UV radiation from the sun, which causes oxidation. Furthermore, oxidation can cause concrete weakness, indicating the necessity for concrete resurfacing or repair. You can call us at DCD Garage Floors of AZ for the appropriate intervention for your floor projects.

Uneven Surfaces

Because the ground moves more than we assume, there are very few areas where we can stand on a flat surface. A correctly built floor is intended to anticipate nature’s imperfections by providing a flat and even surface. Floor coatings add an extra layer that encourages this level plane even more. For an optimal process, it is vital to seek the guidance of a skilled contractor. You may need to resurface or replace the concrete.

Potholes and Pittings

The consequences are far-reaching when you neglect little cracks in your driveway, basement, pool deck or garage floor. If you ignore these cracks for too long, they will eventually become potholes or pitting. It is an indicator of deteriorating concrete, which causes a slew of structural and unintended consequences along the way. Repairing potholes is good, but only for a short time. Concrete resurfacing is a better way to repair its damage. You can hire a skilled contractor to complete the work for you.

Flaking and Chippings

If you notice flaking or chipping on the concrete’s outer layers, you should consider resurfacing it. Flaking is common in high-traffic areas and around pools and can be caused by mistakes made when the concrete is first poured. Because this also offers risks, seek the assistance of a refinishing specialist to restore the damage.

Now is A Perfect Time For A New Concrete Coating!

Taking care of your concrete floor today will help you avoid more costly problems later on. If you wait too long to begin the concrete resurfacing procedure, you may be forced to replace your concrete floor entirely.

We at DCD Garage Floors of AZ are here to assist you and will gladly answer any questions you may have about our services and work with you to devise the best plan to keep your property looking beautiful!

If you wish to restore or revitalise your concrete flooring with a concrete resurfacing solution, please call us at (515) 835-2352 for an estimate or more information on our services.

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