Here's Why Epoxy Is Much Better For Garage and Patios

Basement Epoxy Floor

Have you been thinking of revitalizing your garage or outdoor spaces like your patio this summer? There are many floor coating options that most residential and commercial owners can choose. But one of the most intriguing debates these past years is between “Epoxy and Polyurea“.

What is Polyurea?

Polyurea is an elastic material. Polyurea has a rubbery texture. It also cures faster, so if you’re thinking of putting a polyurea coating yourself, think long and hard. This product will not allow you to correct any errors. It’s ruthless and cruel.

What is Epoxy?

A polyamine hardener and resin make up an epoxy floor coating. After curing, a 100% epoxy coating produces a strong, glossy layer that seals the porous concrete. The finish offers a second layer of protection to the floor, making it tougher and more lasting.

Depending on your requirements, epoxy flooring may be preferable to polyurea, or vice versa. It all relies on the area, the floor, and how it’s used, as well as your own interests. Here, we break down 4 of the most compelling reasons why epoxy remains one of the top leading garage floor coating options in Arizona:

Superior Strength and Durable

Epoxy is among the hardest and most long-lasting floor coatings available. Its thick and rigid application generates an extremely durable coating that can resist impacts, chemicals, stains, and surface scratches. As a result, you didn’t have to worry about your garage and concrete patio floor being chipped every time you throw a heavy tool or apply far too much strain to it.

Anti-Slip Feature

We may make the floor skid proof by applying a new ingredient to the last coatings of epoxy. Areas coated with this slip-resistant epoxy flooring finish do not become slippery when wet. This coating is especially appropriate for homes in snowy climates or areas where heavy rains are common. Because these particular slip-resistant epoxy floors do not absorb water, residents can quickly wipe away road salts that have accumulated during the winter or dry a wet floor.

Easy Cleaning

For those who despise cleaning, epoxy for garage and patio floor coating might be a godsend. Plus, epoxy is resistant to oil and gasoline leaks. As a result, the material is frequently employed in both residential and commercial settings. Cleaning up a spill or grime would simply take soap and some wiping due to the non-porous coating.

Spectacular Results

The coat is often available in a variety of colours and designs, which will undoubtedly set the tone and match your style. There are also a variety of finishes to choose from. You may pick between a flake finish and a metallic finish, for example. The epoxy coating may do a number of things for your garage or outdoor patio.

Get Your Patio and Garage Ready for Summer!

Epoxy coatings are the greatest choice for tired cracked, unattractive garages or patios. Their appeal in Arizona comes from the consistent pattern, colour, and texture that they can produce, as well as the cooling effect for outdoor space.

Scheduling a free consultation with us is all it takes to completely transform your concrete floor. Contact DCD Garage Floors of AZ and our team will be happy to assist you in making the right decision for your floor. 

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