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Mesa, Arizona, is a booming southwest town with a strong demand for tourists’ lifestyles and leisure interests. The Mesa region is brimming with excitement, with a plethora of educational, cultural, and outdoor attractions. Mesa has everything, from interactive museums to broadway musicals and old west villages.

This also means that your garage will be put to good use throughout the year. Plus! The floor is the source of the majority of dust in garages. It circulates in the garage, accumulating on automobiles, workbenches, and storage items before being tracked into your home and causing air quality problems. Fortunately, DCD Garage Floors of Arizona has expanded its service area. This will be a thing of the past, thanks to our flooring systems! Our expert team members fully grasp the epoxy flooring installation process and deliver excellent, unrivaled service. We offer a worry-free solution, beginning with design and finishing through installation.


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Go from Dull to Extra Ordinary

You want to maintain your new garage floor looking nice, don’t you? That is the power of epoxy flooring! Garage flooring with an epoxy coating is safe and easy to maintain, and the gleaming, freshly poured radiance lasts for years. When applied to the concrete, it transforms into a non-porous surface resistant to chemical stains, chipping, impact, and surface abrasions.

With our epoxy garage floor coatings, you can add value to your Mesa home or company! Our specialists install epoxy flooring that improves the appearance of your concrete garage floor or other places in your building by giving close attention to detail during the installation process. We are dedicated to providing the best service and client satisfaction possible. So please don’t wait any longer; call us immediately for a free quote.

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How Do We Differ?

As qualified specialists, we try to produce the highest possible quality of work. We have years of experience designing and installing high-quality epoxy flooring for residential and business customers in Mesa, AZ. For all of our home and commercial projects, we exclusively utilize high-quality materials.

One of the most challenging aspects of applying the epoxy coating is its time to finish the process. We are proud to offer two-day installations for residential garages, two to three days for commercial garages, and days or more for big industrial garages. Are you looking for epoxy flooring options for your home or business garage? We can assist you!

Expert Installation of Garage Floor Coatings In Mesa

Have stains, cracks, and other indications of wear and tear on your Mesa garage floor? With new, attractive epoxy garage floors, you can take pleasure in your garage just as much as you do in your automobile. Installing epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for your garage, whether it’s a single-family garage or a big commercial parking garage. It not only improves the beauty of your garage but also protects it from damage. DCD Garage Floors of AZ’s garage floor coating solution provides greater performance and resistance than any other flooring solution. We’ve got you secured in Mesa, Arizona, with the following services:

  • Basement Floor Coatings
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Garage Floor Coating 
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring 
  • Polished Concrete 
  • Pool Decks
  • Stained Concrete
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Every project is entirely tailored to the preferences and interests of the client, blending beauty and functionality. Our skilled team will work with you to choose the best solution for you, and then you can sit back and relax while we transform your garage floors and concrete surfaces. If you need fully personalized Epoxy Garage Flooring services in Mesa, AZ, contact us and give us a call today for a free quote.


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Mesa is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, in the United States. It is located in the state’s central region. It is the third-largest city in Arizona, behind Phoenix and Tucson, and the 38th-largest city in the United States.

History of Mesa

Mesa has a history dating back at least 2,000 years to the advent of the Hohokam people. The Hohokam created the ancient canal system, “All Used Up” or “The Departed Ones.” The Hohokam had built hundreds of miles of canals by 1450, many of which are still today. Little is known about the period following the Hohokam’s departure and before the advent of the early settlers since explorers did not travel into this area.

Mesa City was incorporated as a one-square-mile town site on July 17, 1878. Mesa City was established in 1883, with a population of 300 people. Dr. A. J. Chandler, who subsequently founded the city of Chandler, worked on expanding the canal. With the introduction of air conditioning and tourism development, population growth in Mesa and the rest of the Phoenician Valley skyrocketed.


Mesa, Arizona’s third-largest city, is located twenty miles east of the busy metropolis of Phoenix. It has a population of approximately 500,000 people. The city is famous for its breathtaking vistas of the Superstition Mountains, lovely desert environment, and occasionally unbearable heat.
Mesa, Arizona, noted for its beautiful vistas, desert scenery, and severe heat, has grown from humble beginnings to a busy suburban metropolis populated by people from all over the world. With its rich history and unique culture, Mesa provides a pleasant, friendly atmosphere for families and visitors.

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