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Never get satisfied having subpar and tedious flooring systems? Looking for something “new” and, at the same time, would be attractive and long-lasting? Look no more! Epoxy flooring is an attractive option for a good range of projects. If you have concrete flooring in your home or business, epoxy floor coating might give you the protection you want. It’s inexpensive, long-lasting, and adaptable. Additionally, you will not worry about refinishing your flooring since an epoxy floor may endure for years!

DCD Garage Floors of AZ is one of the leading epoxy flooring contractors in Chandler and the local region because of our innovative epoxy coating. If you live near Chandler or nearby, you can now transform your gruesome floor into a modern and attractive good looking floor using epoxy. Discover what epoxy floors can do for you! Learn more about our epoxy flooring services in Chandler and get a free quote on your next epoxy flooring project now!


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You Owe Your Floors A New Look!

Imagine the first day after you’ve installed your floors. For businesses, that’s probably the reason why customers keep coming back. For residential owners, your friends or neighbors might be got attracted to. As years passed by, we know that it’s never been easier to keep your flooring spick and span. That’s why you owe something on your floors, and that is “life.” So why not give them a new life and refreshing look through quality epoxy coating from us?

We are one of the highest epoxy floor companies dedicated to providing skilled services and solutions. We believe that our neighbors in the Chandler area deserve the best performance that a flooring system can offer at an affordable price, and here at DCD Garage Floors of AZ, and that is precisely what we plan to do for you! Are you living in Chandler, AZ, and got any questions regarding our epoxy flooring? We are here to assist you!

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Why Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy flooring has a lot to offer, whether you’re looking for something for your home, business, or factory. Our one-of-a-kind epoxy flooring systems begin with a high-quality selection of materials that will last for years. Below are what our epoxy concrete floor coating is best known for!

  • Stain and water-resistant
  • Long lifetime
  • Safe and sturdy
  • Cost efficiency
  • Damage resistance
  • Customization

With superior durability, stain resistance, and a long lifespan, this floor coating has something to offer everyone. Our contractors have decades of experience, so you can be assured that your flooring will be installed by a true professional. Are you interested in epoxy flooring? Take a look at our home page to find more popular flooring solutions.

Top-Rated Epoxy Contractor In Chandler, AZ

Homeowners and businesses make up a large share of our business. DCD Garage Floors of AZ specializes in concrete coatings and concrete floor resurfacing demands in Arizona. One of our most popular services is epoxy flooring, a versatile and durable floor system with virtually limitless customization options and comes in a variety of attractive designs such as colorful granite flakes and metallic epoxy.

We have the solutions to your floor issues as we can transform the bland, dusty concrete floors in your home into seamless, sleek, and gorgeous finished floors. We are happily serving Chandler and surrounding areas with residential, commercial, and industrial epoxy coatings to withstand even the harshest environments without deterioration, peeling, or stains. We will ensure that you will have a masterpiece that will last a lifetime with our epoxy floor coating in Chandler.

Get The Flooring Solution You Deserve!

There are numerous issues with untreated concrete flooring. Because it is extremely porous, it is prone to cracks and stains over time. Epoxy concrete floor coatings in Chandler, Arizona, provide a low-cost yet long-lasting solution for protecting existing concrete and transforming it into a decorative new look. We strive for excellence in every project by providing our customers with a flooring solution they adore!

Call us right away if you are looking for a local licensed and insured contractor in Arizona specializing in the epoxy concrete floor with outstanding reviews and a reputation in the industry.

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The Hohokam people were the area’s first recorded inhabitants. For nearly 2,000 years, the people of the tribe lived in the Phoenix area. In the year 1450 A.D., the Hohokam people disappeared without a trace. Although historians are unsure what caused the tribe’s abrupt extinction, many believe it was caused by a protracted period of drought. Darell Duppa, one of Swilling’s settlers, gave the bird its name, which we now call “Phoenix”.

Duppa came up with the name because he believed that, like the fabled phoenix, a magnificent metropolis would rise from the ashes of the Hohokam civilization. It has a population of 2,500 people when it was established as a city in 1881. On February 14, 1912, Arizona became a state, with Phoenix as its capital. Early twentieth-century city development was fuelled by major technological advancements.

Phoenix is home to four Fortune 500 companies: electronics corporation Avnet, mining company Freeport-McMoRan, retailer PetSmart, and waste hauler Republic Services. It is often thought of as the jumping-off point for vacation adventures with the fabled Grand Canyon. Still, the state’s capital city also features attractions that, while perhaps not as awe-inspiring, are equally breathtaking. Phoenix’s population is constantly expanding because of the city’s influx of new inhabitants and tourists that flock there every year. Phoenix is a major financial, communications, and transportation hub in the Mountain West area. It has expanded to include numerous satellite villages, and it is surrounded by other autonomous municipalities that have grown rapidly. People may be familiar with it because of the year-round sun, stunning desert scenery, and world-class resorts and golf. Nevertheless, despite its size, it has a lot to offer visitors, including a sophisticated urban environment, a taste of southwest culture, and plenty of outdoor activities.


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