Basement Floor Coatings

Basement Epoxy Floor

Have you recently evaluated the condition of your basement floor and found it to be damaged?

Or, are you looking for the perfect flooring option for your new basement?

Then you will love the touch and appeal of our basement floor coatings as they are guaranteed to make this area that is often neglected become an exciting part of your home.


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The Easy Way To Protect and Insulate Your Basement Floor

Basements are typically viewed as dark, wet, and uninviting spaces; as such, they are hardly ever utilized to their full potentials. This is unfortunate as these spaces can serve a wide range of purposes beyond being the forgotten space where unwanted or old items are stored. Luckily for you, at DCD Garage Floors of AZ, we provide top quality basement floor coating services, which are a cost-effective and efficient way to not only protect your basement but make it more functional.

Our basement coating process utilizes high-quality epoxy floor coating that acts as a sealant on all porous sections on the concrete floor surface while providing a stylish finish. It also results in a hard-wearing surface that will easily tolerate the day to day uses of this house section. You will further love that this is a straightforward process that takes the shortest time to complete. Most importantly, since our coating cures rapidly, you will have the pleasure of being able to use your basement almost immediately after we are done.

Basement Floor Coatings
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The Benefits of Basement Floor Coating

Your basement plays a vital role in dictating the overall condition and stability of your home. Most foundational damages in a house that manifest as cracked walls or floors are often the result of neglected and damaged basements. This makes the state of your basement an aspect that you can never ignore.

By opting for our basement floor coating, you have the advantages of:

  • Waterproof and chemical-resistant floor
  • Anti-slip and seamless floors that are resistant to normal wear and tear
  • Insulated basement floor
  • Basement floors that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stylish and great looking basement flooring that will last for years

Why Choose us for Basement Floor Coating

While there are a lot of concrete contractors in Arizona, we remain to be the top choice for best basement floor coating as we guarantee you:

  • Quality-driven solutions that are in line with the industry’s best practices.
  • Budget-friendly solutions to ensure you get top value for money.
  • Custom-designed floors that will enhance the overall look of your home.
  • A friendly and experienced team of basement floor coating experts
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured concrete contractor
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The Basement Floor Coating Company You Can Trust

Your basement deserves equal attention and care as all other parts of your home. If you are looking forward to having a strong and beautiful basement floor, we are the specialists to count on for top of the line solutions. We serve central Arizona cities of Mesa, Tempe, Glendale,  Peoria, Phoenix Surprise, Chandler, Scottsdale, and more.

To get in touch with our basement floor coating specialists, call us today for an obligation-free consultation and a free project estimate.


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